Thursday, March 14, 2013

NFL Competition Committee propose changes to rules and bylaw

National Football League owners will vote on six rule changes and three bylaw changes proposed by the league's Competition Committee at a meeting taking place next week.

Instant Replay

- The ruling of an incomplete pass would be reviewable through a fumble.

- If a challenge flag is thrown during a play that is automatically reviewable, the play will still be reviewed but the team will lose it's time-out whether they win the challenge or not. If the team is already out of time outs, they will be penalized 15 yards.

Tuck Rule

- If the passer loses control of the ball going forward it's still an incomplete pass. If he loses the ball while tucking, it's a fumble.

Player Safety

- The snapper becomes a defenseless player during field goals and PATs. No more than six defenders will be allowed to line up on either side of the snapper. Defenders will also be banned from pushing their teammates across the line of scrimmage.

- Peel back blocks by offensive players banned inside and outside the tackle box.

- Ball carriers will not be allowed to attack a defender with the crown of their helmet outside the tackle box. Same rule applies to the defender.

Other Proposals

- If a player is claimed on waivers, the team will only have to keep him for one day instead of two.

- The physically unable to perform window for players returning to practice to be expanded from Week 6 to Week 11.

- A one day adjustment to the final roster cut-down in preseason in order to accommodate a possible Wednesday night regular season opener.

- Tight ends and H-backs will be allowed to wear numbers 40-49.

New rules for 2013

- Knee and thigh pads will be mandatory starting in the preseason. Players will not be permitted to participate in a game until they comply with the rule.

- Field conditions must meet NFL standards.

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