Monday, July 15, 2019

What if San Diego Prep Football had a Championship Belt?

Over the last decade, the CIF San Diego Section has seen numerous changes in how they determine their champions. In 2013, when the addition of an eight-team Open Division football playoff was announced, we came up with our own suggestion, a two-division system that includes a 24-team playoff.

Six years later, as we get set to kickoff a new season, we have another idea that may be even wackier than our first one. Inspired by a post that was featured on a blog by AztecsKillingHim, we created the "San Diego Prep Football Undisputed Championship" belt.

Hear us out......

  • The champion will defend the belt against every San Diego Section opponent they face during regular season, playoff, and their respective CIF San Diego Section Championship game.
  • The team who possesses the belt after the conclusion of the CIF San Diego Section Championships will be named "Undisputed Champion of the Year" and will continue to defend the title the following season.
  • Divisions, rankings, or current records will not be used to determine a team's contendership. Any San Diego Section team that plays 11-man football is eligible to earn the belt whenever they face the current champion.

San Diego Prep Football 
Undisputed Championship Lineage (2011-2018)

We created a fictional lineage of the belt's history as if we started this concept back in 2011, the birth-year of this website. 15 title changes will lead us to our current champion (Cathedral Catholic) going into the upcoming 2019 season.

2011 Season

Following a 3-0 start, Eastlake was listed #1 in our first-ever San Diego Prep Football Rankings. For that reason, we'll consider them our first Undisputed Champion.

1. Eastlake (09/20/11 - 09/30/11) 3 Title Defenses (L, 7-26)
2. Cathedral Catholic (09/30/11 - 09/07/12) 9 Title Defenses (L, 17-24)
2011 Champion: Cathedral Catholic (Division III)

2012 Season

3. Torrey Pines (09/07/12 - 09/21/12) 1 Title Defense (L, 0-2)
4. Vista (09/21/12 - 09/28/12) (L, 27-31)
5. Escondido (09/28/12 - 10/05/12) (L, 0-35)
6. Mission Hills (10/05/12 - 11/30/12) 6 Title Defenses (L, 14-21)
7. Eastlake (11/30/12 - 11/22/13) 11 Title Defenses (L, 30-33)
2012 Champion: Eastlake (Division I)

2013 Season

8. Oceanside (11/22/13 - 12/02/13) (L, 14-36)
9. Mission Hills (12/02/13 - 10/10/14) 4 Title Defenses (L, 16-42)
2013 Champion: Mission Hills (Open Division)

2014 Season

10. Oceanside (10/10/14 - 10/09/15) 11 Title Defenses (L, 0-45)
2014 Champion: Oceanside (Open Division)

2015 Season

11. Mission Hills (10/09/15 - 11/27/15) 5 Title Defenses (L, 14-48)
12. St. Augustine (11/27/15 - 12/05/15) (L, 30-44)
13. Helix (12/05/15 - 09/16/16) 1 Title Defense (L, 28-35)
2015 Champion: Helix (Open Division)

2016 Season

14. Cathedral Catholic (09/16/16 - 09/15/17) 9 Title Defenses (L, 0-39)
2016 Champion: Cathedral Catholic (Open Division)

2017 Season

15. Helix (09/15/17 - 09/07/18) 10 Title Defenses (L, 21-30)
2017 Champion: Helix (Open Division)

2018 Season

16. Cathedral Catholic (09/07/18 - Present) 8 Title Defenses
2018 Champion: Cathedral Catholic (Open Division)

Next Title Defense: 08/23/19 vs. La Costa Canyon

Disclaimer: While based on actual results, this "championship belt" concept is not authorized by the California Interscholastic Federation, CIF San Diego Section, or any of its member programs, and will only be used for entertainment purposes. If presented with the opportunity to award a team with an actual belt or replica trophy of any kind, it would not take place until after the CIF San Diego Section Championship games are concluded and permission is granted to us from the CIF San Diego Section and "championship team" officials.

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