Friday, August 28, 2020

San Diego Prep Football Sim Tournament (Powered by NCAA Football 14)

While we wait four long months for the Prep Football season to start, we decided to create a simulation tournament using 12 San Diego Prep Football teams that were created using the NCAA Football 14 Teambuilder, which was shut down in 2018.

All games will be played on Play Now mode and teams will have even attributes. The winner will be crowned our first-ever Sim Tournament Champions.

Rosters cannot be edited so some teams may feature names of real former players, fictional names, or just positions & numbers (for example WR #1).

System: XBOX 360

Difficulty: Heisman (CPU vs. CPU)

Quarter Length: 5 Minutes

Game Location: Random High School Stadiums

Championship Game Location: San Diego Stadium (aka The Q)

Seedings: 2020 Preseason Rankings


#9 Torrey Pines vs. #8 Morse - Winner @ #1 Helix

#12 Mission Bay vs. #5 Carlsbad - Winner @ #4 Cathedral Catholic

#10 Eastlake vs. #7 El Camino - Winner @ #2 Oceanside

#11 San Diego vs. #6 St. Augustine - Winner @ #3 Lincoln

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