Monday, May 16, 2016

The 2016 NPSFL National Title Race

After the San Diego Enforcers completed its regular season schedule this past weekend with a 19-12 triumph over the LAPD Centurions, we and many others assumed the unbeaten squad earned the right to host its third straight appearance in the NPSFL National Championship game on June 18th.

The Enforcers official Facebook page said not so fast...


The Enforcers finished NPSFL play with a 4-0 record, including wins over the defending champion Charlotte Cobras, 2014 champion New York Finest in Boston, and the arch-rival LAPD in Los Angeles. As of today, those are the only league losses those teams suffered this season.

So could the Enforcers be left out of the national title game, despite this impressive resume?

We'll have to wait and see how things play out, but in the meantime, let's take a closer look at what should be an exciting race.

The National Public Safety Football League is split up in two divisions (I & II). After the regular season is concluded, the top two teams in Division I play for the league's top prize.

This season the championship contender located farthest to the west will host the matchup.

As of now, there are three Division I teams who are undefeated in league play; the San Diego Enforcers, Chicago Enforcers, and New York Boldest.

Unlike San Diego, New York and Chicago still have games remaining on their schedules.

NPSFL Division I Top 6

San Diego Enforcers (4-0)
3/5 vs. Bakersfield (II) - W
4/9 vs. Charlotte (I) - W
4/23 @ NYPD (I) - W
5/14 @ LAPD (I) - W

Chicago PD Enforcers (3-0)
4/2 vs. Cleveland (II) - W
4/23 @ Columbus (I) - W
4/30 vs. Orange County (I) - W
5/21 @ Charlotte (I)
6/4 @ Chicago FD* (II)

New York Boldest (3-0)
4/2 @ DC (I) - W
4/23 @ FDNY (I) - W
5/6 vs. NYPD* (I) - L
5/14 @ DSNY (II) - W
5/28 vs. LAPD (I)

Charlotte Cobras (2-1)
3/19 @ DC (I) - W
4/9 @ ENFORCERS (I) - L
4/30 vs. FDNY (I) - W
5/21 vs. Chicago PD (I)

LAPD Centurions (2-1)
3/19 vs. Orange County (I) - W
4/9 vs. Columbus (I) - W
5/14 vs. ENFORCERS (I) - L
5/28 @ NY Boldest (I)

NYPD Finest (2-1)
3/26 @ Philadelphia (II) - W
4/23 vs. ENFORCERS (I) - L
5/6 @ NY Boldest - W
5/21 vs. FDNY

*Does NOT count towards NPSFL league play

Tie Breakers

Overall Record

The worst that could happen is a three-way tie with the New York Boldest & Chicago Enforcers. If one of these teams were to drop their final league game in the following weeks, it should all but clinch the championship game for San Diego.

Head to Head

The Enforcers didn't compete against the two teams that could tie them, so if Chicago and New York finish 4-0, the Power Rankings System would come into play.

Despite what happens during the final three weeks of the NPSFL regular season, we're extremely confident that the national championship will be decided in San Diego. No matter what the outcome is, we congratulate the entire San Diego Enforcers organization for a successful 2016 season on and off the field.

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