Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Surge to participate in "Best of the West" Postseason Tournament

The San Diego Surge completed their regular season campaign with a 4-1 record and is now set to compete in the first-ever "Best of the West" Women’s Football Championship in Las Vegas. Here is the official press release for the upcoming event.


There is a revolution happening in women’s football. Some of the greatest franchises in the sports’ history have folded. Others are finding it impossible to make it through a season due to enormous blowout victories, forfeits and/or insurmountable travel responsibilities.

Each of the so-called “major leagues” will see a new champion in 2018. Not because of league parity, but because the opposite is true. As a result, when attending a women’s football game in any existing reputable league, you have over a 50% chance of witnessing a blowout. Even worse, 50% of all women’s football games played by the most successful teams in the sport have ended in forfeit or with one team scoring ZERO points!

So where does the sport turn?

A group of powerhouse teams out west have decided that enough is enough! The “blue bloods” of West Coast women’s football have banded together to bring fans the Best of the West Women’s Football Championship. The tournament format creates head-to-head match ups with some of the best teams in the country. This group of owners has come together to show what can be achieved when a group has a willingness to combine resources for a shared vision.

The Utah Falconz, Texas Elite Spartans, San Diego Surge and Seattle Majestics have made a commitment to providing the best product that women’s football has to offer. As a first step, they have worked together to bring about one of the most exciting events in recent history.

The “BIG 4” is among the most reputable and most distinguished women’s sports organizations in the world. Combined, these teams have won over six national titles, boast over 40 All Star players, and have 10+ Team USA Gold Medalists, who have won all three World Championships since the introduction of women’s football to the world stage in 2010.

The event will be held July 19th – July 21st in Las Vegas, NV. The 3-day round-robin style tournament will include an owner’s forum, a player’s clinic, as well as an evening social event. This event will be the launchpad for professional level women’s football, and will change the sport forever.

More details will be provided on social media and websites shortly. For information please send all inquiries to info@bestofthewestfootball.com.

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